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We are almost there people!

I’ve been using Strava for a few years now to record my mountain biking rides, and now that we’ve been running more and more, I wanted a way to play with the numbers and create some charts and graphs and just get some numbers out it.  Strava’s site is fine, but sometimes there are things that would be useful to see that you cannot easily find or get to.

Feel free to take a look and use it to review your own stats as well.

At this point, I do not record or save any of your data, or write back to your Strava data or profile.  In the future, I may adjust that to avoid too many repetitive callbacks to the Stava API, and I’ve had interest in recording mileage for gear.  But that day is not today.


This is the recap for 2015, but also serves to get us pumped for 2016!